Critical Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor About Your Window Installation Project In Mount Vernon & Howard, Ohio

If you are in the process of getting new windows installed, or you’re searching for a contractor about the project, there are some things you should keep in mind. Many people aren’t sure what to ask to find out everything they need to know, but this list will help you fill in the gaps. You’ll want to interview the contractor, so you can know more about them than what they charge. Even if you wind up interviewing a salesperson for the contractor, you can get a good sense of the company. Below are several questions you’ll want to ask.

1. What is the business name and where is your office located?

You’ll most likely want to go with a contractor who has an office near your area. If they give a post office box as the mailing address, make sure to get the actual street address as well. With companies that are located near you, you’ll have a greater chance of good service.

2. Is the company covered by the appropriate insurance?

In many cases, this will be a good determining factor for the legitimacy of the contractor. Professional contractors will be covered by liability insurance at the very least, and they are required to offer proof of insurance if you request it. Be sure they aren’t referencing subpar insurances that only cover health or auto. The proper insurance also means a higher overhead for the project, but that is to be expected from an accredited contractor.

3. Does the contracting company have credentials or a license?

This is just to ensure that the contractor is legally able to work as a contractor in your city or state. In some cases, states require no licensing, but many states require at least a written exam for a contractor’s license. In some major cities, they all need professional licenses to perform contracting work. If a contractor tells you he only has a business license, that doesn’t necessarily mean he has the skills to receive a contractor’s license, which is a totally separate license.

4. When was the company founded?

Older companies tend to be the best simply because they have outlasted the competition and they are serious about their reputation. If the contracting company is less than three years old, it could mean they are inexperienced or unstable in some other way. However, new companies can still be quite efficient and cost-effective, but they usually must build a reputation through referrals.

5. Does the company have references or referrals?

Request photos of jobs that have been previously completed. Many contractors might not have them, but they can at least give you the names of their clients for references if they feel confident in what will be said. Any contractor that avoids this should be avoided.

6. Does the company have a workmanship warranty?

This basically means that the company will provide a warranty for the work they performed but not the actual materials themselves, which are warranted by the manufacturer.

7. Is the company efficient at resolving customer issues?

Ask for a reference from a client that issued a complaint about the contractor. This will give you an idea of how well that complaint was handled, and therefore how future complaints will most likely be handled.

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